Friday July 29

4:00pm No More Moments

5:00pm My Mortal Remains

5:45pm Snakepit

6:30pm Osyron

7:15pm Witchmayne

8:00pm Juliet Ruin will not be playing due to weather
10:15pm The Unending

11:15pm Plaguebringer

11:45pm Carcosa
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-This update was made at 9:47pm
The beer gardens will re-open at 10:15Pm



Saturday July 30

10:15am Moosifix

11:00am Call Of The Siren

11:45am Lost Nebula

12:30pm Rising Sun

1:15pm Wthcnvctn

2:00pm Flashback

2:45pm Devolver

3:30pm Detherous

4:15pm Tymo

5:00pm Ophelia Falling

6:00pm Exterminatus

7:00pm Syryn

8:00pm WMD

9:00pm Immortal Possession

10:00pm Divinity

11:00pm Endast



Sunday July 31

10:15am Honour Bound

11:00am Stench Of Death

11:45am Blackest Sin

12:30pm Hyperia

1:15pm Atavistia

2:00pm My Hollow

2:45pm Kosm

3:30pm Forsaken Rite

4:15pm Anarcheon

5:30pm Tortured Saint

6:30pm Votov

7:30pm Thunderor

8:30pm Wake

9:15 10 Year Ceremony

10:00pm Neck Of The Woods

11:00pm AngelMaker