Lineup Announcement Today!

Well it's like metal fucking Christmas today and we couldn't be more stoked to team up with Asher Media Relations and Metal Nation Radio to do a live lineup announcmemt again for #LAHV, so tune in at 3:00pm GMT (Edmonton/Calgary/AB) on Metal Nation Radio! Three ways to Tune In here:Listen, Chat & Interact -> Listen on mobile devices -> -

Use the free TuneIn appOur player page ->

[Press Play when page opens]

Click a link and CRANK IT UP at3 PM MST

Local Time2 PM PST- 4 PM CST - 5 PM EST

Details: presale tickets are available for purchase via "PayPal" on this festival website.Presale tickets cost $80.00(Canadian) for a weekend pass which includes tent camping, additional onsite charges for RV's, trailers, & motorhomes. You will recieve a paypal reciept.

You will not recieve a physical ticket. Your tickets will be available at the festival.

Government issued ID will be required to claim your tickets!

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