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Loud As Hell Schedule

Friday July 29 7pm Dahlmers Realm 8pm Leave The Living 9pm The Order Of Chaos 10pm Divinity 11:30pm West Of Hell Saturday July 30

10:00am Pancake Breakfast 10:30am Black Friday 11:30am Fasle Flag 12:30pm Thrashadactyl 1:15pm WCMFA 1:30pm Sentient 2:15pm WCMFA 2:30pm Odinfist 3:15pm Drum clinic Brett Duncan 3:30pm Stab Twist Pull 4:15pm Drum clinic Brett Duncan 4:30pm Quietus 5:15pm WCMFA 5:30pm Revenger 6:15pm Sideshow Punx 6:30pm Xul 7:15pm The Great Vandedy 7:30pm VX36 8:15pm Sideshow Punx 8:30pm All Else Fails 9:15pm The Great Vandedy 9:30pm Striker 10:30pm Permafrost Suspension 11:00pm Into Eternity 1:00am After Party with special guests Cocaine Mustache Sunday July 31

10:00am - FREE Pancake Breakfast 10:30am Maimed Wolf 11:15am LAH Tattoo 11:30am Junkies Rush 12:30pm Slaughterhauser 1:15pm Drum Clinic Brett Duncan 1:30pm W.M.D. 2:15pm Drum Clinic Brett Duncan 2:30pm The Avulsion 3:15pm Guitar Clincic Ginger Tornado 3:30pm Display Of Decay 4:15pm Guitar Clinic Ginger Tornado 4:30pm Expain 5:15pm Guitar Clinic Ginger Tornado 5:30pm Third Ion 6:15pm Sideshow Punx 6:30pm Planet Eater 7:15pm The Great Vandedy 7:30pm Without Mercy 8:15pm Sideshow Punx 8:30pm Disciples Of Power 9:15pm The Great Vandedy 9:30pm Ninjaspy 10:30pm Permafrost Suspension 11:00pm Unleash The Archers

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