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14 Days and a few updates!

So it's getting so close and we are stoked! This year is already selling faster and I'm excited to say we could be sold out before the weekend starts! So get your tickets online as soon as possible via our website, and tell your lazy friends to get on it. Next up is a couple changes in our lineup. We absolutely hate making changes last minute but we've had a few bands back out of our contracts due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are the changes: New bands in BOLD

Friday, August 4

Cocaine Moustache (Vancouver, BC) - 12:45am

*Eye Of Horus (Edmonton, AB) - 11:15pm

Exit Strategy (Calgary, AB) - 10pm

Mortillery (Edmonton, AB) - 9pm

*World War Waiting (Calgary, AB) - 8pm

W.M.D. (Calgary, AB) - 7pm

Leave The Living (Red Deer, AB) - 6pm

Saturday, August 5

Shocker (Edmonton, AB) - 12:45am

Aggression (Vancouver, AB) - 11:15pm

Planet Eater (Regina, SK) - 10pm

*The Order of Chaos (Edmonton, AB) - 9pm

Tyrants Demise (Winnipeg, MB) - 8pm

Expain (Vancouver, BC) - 7pm

Neck of The Woods (Vancouver, BC) - 6pm

*The Lucifer Project (Edmonton, AB) - 5:15pm

God Said Kill (Port Coquitlam, BC) - 4:30pm

Burning Effigy (Calgary, AB) - 3:45pm

Social Arsonist (Chile/Vancouver, BC) - 3pm

Hammerdrone (Calgary, AB) - 2:15pm

Cell (Winipeg, MB) - 1:30pm

Tides of Kharon (Edmonton, AB) - 12:45pm

*Hazzerd (Calgary, AB) - 12pm

Concrete Funeral (Calgary, AB) - 11:15am

Nuclear Oath (Medicine Hat, AB) - 10:30am

Sunday, Aug 6

Battlecross (Detroit, MI) - 11:15pm

Black Wizard (Vancouver, BC) - 10pm

Galactic Pegasus (Vancouver, BC) - 9pm

Scythia (Calgary, AB) - 8pm

Nylithia (Vancouver, BC) - 7pm

Dead Asylum (Vancouver, BC) - 6pm

Skepsis (Edmonton, AB) - 5:15pm

Tales of The Tomb (Edmonton, AB) - 4:30pm

*Unbeheld (Maple Ridge, BC) - 3:45pm

Tyrants of Chaos (Lethbridge, AB) - 3pm

Slaughterhauser (Mission City, BC) - 2:15pm

Sovereign Enemy (Winnipeg, MB) - 1:30pm

Statue of Demur (Calgary, AB) - 12:45pm

Gales of Avalon (Calgary, AB) - 12pm

Immunize (Edmonton, AB) - 11:15am

Caste of Shadows (Lethbridge, AB) - 10:30am

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