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#LAH666 Less than 4 days - Weather Forecast! & Festival Tip #1

Yeeeeeeep! #Scorcher

Well, it's changed a few times (It's been scorching hot in Drumheller this summer), but so far the weather is looking great for the weekend! A friendly reminder that typically Drumheller is very "desert like" - "hot & dry" conditions with high heat in the 30 degree to 38 degree temperature so ensure you stay hydrated and have sun protection on during the festival. We don't need anyone missing this year's lineup because of too much sun. Oh and beer does not keep you hydrated, and we've got water available if you need it. Typical Alberta weather we have also seen some short but destructive late afternoon/evening storms come through so ensure your tents are pegged down and not just plopped down with a sleeping bag in it. We will also keep everyone updated online via this page, Facebook, Twitter and our email lists throughout the weekend so don't worry you'll have some notice if something changes! There is a fire ban in effect in Drumheller as per our local fire department and town protective services that we need to respect. #Fireban PROHIBITED FIRES: Incinerators (for farm and acreage use) All Fire Permits suspended All Fireworks Regulated burning barrels

Solid fuel barbeques & charcoal briquettes

Recreational fire pits We respect these fire bans as we know how our friends and families in British Columbia are being affected. See you in less than 5 days!

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