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Welcome to this years festival! #LAH7

We can't wait to see everyone this year! A couple quick updates for everyone :) 1. Tickets will be available for pickup starting at 5pm tonight at the Stampede Barn. The campground is already open so you are more than welcome to come setup.

First band is on at 5:30

2. You will need government issued ID to pickup your tickets if you purchased online. You also need valid government issued ID if you are purchasing and consuming alcohol onsite.

There is no drinking in the parking lot or outside the venue. You must keep alcohol purchased at the bar inside, and if you have your own alcohol at your campsite it must stay at your campsite. 3. The weather forecast is hot so please stay hydrated, bring sunscreen and make sure you are eating food. We do not need you getting sun or heat stroke :) 4. Fire pits are allowed above ground. No fires on the grass or directly on the ground. We need to keep the festival grounds and grass intact. 5. There is a free pancake breakfast each morning starting at 10:00am. The venue is not open before then. There are 12 porta potties in the campground area. PLEASE HAVE RESPECT FOR THE VENUE - We do not need anyone driving in area's that are off limits. Please stay in the designated areas so we can continue to keep doing this event. And PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR SELF AND YOUR CAMPSITE! :)



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