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Holy Shit! 2017 is going to be insane.....'s been a little bit since we've done an update, and to be frank we were hoping to having everything released to the public already. That being said I'm ok with it because this year we have one hell of a lineup!

#LAH666 has also been one of the toughest years because of the shear amount of talent that applies, our many friendships, and the fact that we can only fit so many bands. So Geoff and I want to thank all 300+ bands that applied, it's been one hell of a selection process and we should have it finalized in the coming weeks.

That being said, this festival is ran by us two regular guys in Drumheller and this amazing machine we put on every year costs us money. I am in no way trying to gain any sympathy, all I'm personally asking is that every one of you continues to come to the festival every year, buy your tickets in advance and enjoy every minute of the weekend while your in our home town. We are now offering a 20% discount on pre-sale tickets for an earlybird price of $79.00! These presale tickets help us with all of the costs going into the festival so if you have the cash please help us out (you don't know how much it does), get your tickets now, save a few bucks and commit to Alberta's largest metal festival! Stay tuned and THANK YOU! Here's the link:

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