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Festival FAQ #LAH666

So every year we always get TONS of questions about the festival. Here is a general random FAQ we'd like to provide to you!

We do need to let everyone know in past years we have had some minor damages and attendees also sneaking/driving/breaking into the race track onsite. Please for the sake of us being able to keep this event happening, we ask that you stay in the campground or at the stage, don't go being stupid and wrecking anything for everyone else. FAQ #1: Is the festival all ages? - YES, this event is for all ages, but keep in mind that the area around the stage is licensed as a beer gardens. Youth are allowed in this area, so please respect everyone around you. FAQ #2: What about firepits and fires? - Normally YES but currently there is a fire ban in place so only propane BBQ's are allowed to be used. No fireworks this year either. FAQ #3: Does camping cost extra? - Camping is included in your ticket cost. Trailers and RV there is a small charge of $20 for the weekend. There are no power or water services for your units. Trailer dumping can be done in Drumheller FAQ #4: What about showers and washrooms? - We do not have public showers on site, you can find them at the Aquaplex, Badlands Community Facility and Newcastle Ball Diamonds/Beach. We have running water washrooms inside the stage area, and porta potties in the camping areas. FAQ #5: Can we bring our own Alcohol? - You can bring your own alcohol and keep it at your campsite. You can not bring your own alcohol into the beer gardens and you can't remove alcohol from the beer gardens back to the campground. DO NOT DRINK IN THE PARKING LOTS OR PARKING AREA AROUND THE CAMPGROUND OR YOU CAN GET A FINE FROM THE RCMP. IF YOU ARE AT YOUR CAMPSITE YOU CAN NOT GET IN TROUBLE.

FAQ #6: Do you offer day passes? - We currently do not because of our capacity logistics. You can buy a ticket at the door, and each day of the festival the ticket price drops. FAQ #7: What kind of food is available? - We offer a free pancake breakfast each morning at 10:00am and we have one food truck onsite for the weekend that offers burgers, fries etc etc. FAQ#7: I bought tickets online but never got them? - If you purchased tickets online - you do not get a physical ticket in the mail. When you arrive at the festival you will need to show your government issued ID. If your name on the credit card used is different than the person claiming the ticket please email us the details at

FAQ #8: Is there ATM or Debit onsite? - There is no ATM on site, so bring cash. The venue is licensed and we have 1 onsite food truck. There is also vendors and merchandise available for sale. We do accept VISA/MC at the door for purchasing tickets only via a Square reader.

FAQ #7: Im staying in Drumheller, how far is the venue from town? - 6. Here is the link for google maps to the festival site. It is located at the Drumheller Stampede Grounds also known as Dinosaur Downs Speedway. This is 8 minutes from downtown Drumheller, and is located on Highway 9, at the top of the valley beside the DORVA Track and Penitentiary.

At the end of it all we really don't have any major concerns or problems, WE just personally ask that everyone has respect for each other, the bands, and the venue so we can do it again next year. The only way to ensure that happens is if everyone, including YOU, helps out! Thanks and see you in a few days!

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