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It's here! #LAH666's officially time to kick off Loud As Hell 666! We are just wrapping up soundcheck and going to be taking a nap here (it's just after midnight so It's technically Friday now) so we can get ready to see everyone! Tickets are no longer available online and after doing our final count into the weekend, after Friday it's pretty likely we won't have any left at the door. We will keep everyone posted via the website, email and social if we do run out of door tickets. It's a first come first serve basis! Once again we want to thank you all for supporting us over the last 6 years and we hope that with your help and continued respect and support we can continue for another 6 years.

My last request this year is that everyone takes it upon themselves to be our advocates and ensure that no one wrecks anything, breaks into anything, or sneaks into areas around the venue. In past years we have had some issues with vehicles driving around in off limits area around the/on the racetrack that's beside the campground. Help us keep the party, community and metal family alive at Loud As Hell! From the bottom of our hearts! THANK YOU

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